Hey guys! Today I talk about if I’m going to be getting more plastic surgery?! I alsooo talk about my experience with botox! Give this video a big thumbs up if you like these longer chatty videos so I know that you guys do like them! I’ll see you in a few days! XOXO

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Hey guys! Today I talk about my experience with plastic surgery and what I felt like before and after. Alsoooo, so many of you have wondered if I regret getting a breast augmentation and liposuction… so I wanted to address that=) Another question I get asked a lot is whether you can be a christian and have faith, yet surgically alter your body… while I do think you can, I go into depth in that regard as well!

Lastly, I talk about my experience with botox and my reaction to dysport…as well as botox. I’ve done so much to my skin over the years and watched my face transform….. I’ve had fraxel laser, microneedling and so many facials + skin care routine switch ups over time! I also use retinols aka retin-a…Which btw you guys can let me know in the comments below if you would like another skin care update! I used to struggle with severe cystic acne if you didnt know that about me and as of now while I don’t deal with crazy hormonal and genetic breakouts , I’m still working on dealing with my acne scarring… so ya! just let me know!

FYI- Dr. Sanders in Encino is the Dr who performed my plastic surgery procedures… and Kate Somerville is where i got my botox injections… also, if you live in Santa Clarita, Dermacure Valencia is a great facility… tell them I sent you!

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