Infiniti Makeup Brush Cleaner – Premium Makeup Brush Cleaning Kit with a Sonic Makeup Brush Cleaner, Adjustable Silicone Strap & Tutorial – Instant & Thorough Cleaning for All Makeup Brushes

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Sonic Make-Up Brush Cleaning Device with Oscillating Technology to DEEP CLEAN the inner bristles of your cosmetic brushes. Sonic vibrations Scientifically and Clinically proven by N.I.H (National Institute of Health) to kill bacteria and other organisms. Sleek Contour Design Engineered to be handheld, lightweight, & portable. It includes 2 AAA Batteries. The FLEXIBLE Silicone Strap was made to accommodates almost every type of makeup brush on the market. The makeup brush cleaner device is WATER RESISTANT, to ensure a thorough cleaning process with results you can see. Simple ON/OFF Functionality with Beautiful Blue LED Light Indicator. So POWERFUL that it produces MICRO-BUBBLES with water droplets. The Essence of ANY makeup brush lies in the bristles. It comes in many different shapes, sizes & materials (angled, flat, fanned, arched, rounded, etc.). Provides the Satisfaction of Cleaning without the Effort. Instant Gratification. An EXCELLENT Product that Actually Works. Your makeup brushes will no longer be BENT OUT OF SHAPE or FLARED during the cleaning process. The Infiniti MBC will maintain the shape and integrity of your brushes. A lot of thought went into the Infiniti MBC. From engineering, to designing, to incorporating the technology to produce an amazingly unique device & solution, for everyday tasks. This little device has so much power that it can literally dance on your finger tips. Enhances your cosmetics products upon application. How? Your brushes are NOW clean enough to hold actual cosmetic product without smears or streaks left behind from cleanser residue. Promotes Healthier Skin because your brushes have been thoroughly disinfected, sanitized, & cleaned of bacteria before application. Promotes the longevity of your brushes by keeping the bristles of your brushes free of product decay, bacterial growth, & cleansers. AS GOOD AS IT GETS: Infiniti Makeup Brush Cleaner by Hummingbrush, the original & only sonic makeup brush cleaner out there, offers incredibly fast & thorough cleaning of makeup brushes of all sizes & shapes
MORE EFFICIENT THAN EVER: Unlike any ordinary or cheap makeup brush cleaner, this sonic makeup brush cleaning kit offers 25x higher efficiency than manual cleaning; Ergonomic design for extremely comfortable operation
MAKEUP MAXIMIZED: Get the most out of your expensive makeup brushes by keeping them sanitized, properly cleaned & always ready for action; Gentle yet powerful sonic action for the removal of all traces of cosmetics & bacteria
PREMIUM MATERIALS: Infiniti Makeup Brush Cleaner uses nothing but premium materials that offer unparalleled care to your makeup brushes; A perfect addition to your makeup brush cleaner kit; Durable build, universal strap
LASTS LONG: With powerful & long-lasting inter-chargeable batteries in Infiniti Makeup Brush Cleaner, cleaning makeup brushes will no more be a task you dread; Click ‘Add to Cart’ & order our makeup brush cleaner trusted by thousands of professionals

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