How Botox Injections can change Shape of Face from Round to Oval | Dr. Debraj Shome

An oval or a heart shaped face shape is much more pleasing than a broad, square shaped or round shaped facial shape. Many times, you may be thin, but your face shape can make you look plump an chubby. An oval or a heart shaped face has also been shown to make a female face appear more feminine and attractive.

One of the major causes of a square shaped face is the presence of an enlarged masseter muscle (jaw muscle). Earlier, the only way to deal with a masseter hypertrophy was to surgically remove part of the jaw muscle. This used to cause significant morbidity, as the patient would not be able to chew well, for months.

Now, however, jaw muscle surgery is completely not required. The use of Botulinum toxin injections (Botox treatment) can be used to reduce the size of the masseter muscle and can assist change the shape of the face from round to oval, easily. Botox injections cause cell apoptosis, within the masseter muscle, leading to permanent reduction in the size of the jaw, leading to a long lasting change of face shape, without surgery.

In this video , Dr. Debraj Shome demonstrates how to change the face shape from round and square shape to oval and heart shape, using Botox injection treatment.

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