Endocare Tensage Botox Effect Ampoules 20 x 2ml – Anti Ageing Treatment – Moisturizer with Botox Effect – Restore Skin Tightness

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Endocare below blistering effect anti-wrinkle are ampoules 💧 with lightening and illuminator power. It is an effective beauty treatment that revitalizes in an instant. Using the technology SCA biometec blisters are able to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

Its excellent formulation has several effects:

  • Treatment antiaging immediate 🛡️.
  • It provides hydration 💧.
  • Illuminator intensive treatment that combats photoaging.
  • Unifies the skin tone to cover hyperpigmentation 💪.
  • Prepares the skin and enhances the effect of makeup, keeping it intact for longer 💯.

💧 MOISTURIZES: Acts on the skin surrounding the eyes that is much thinner than the rest of the body and, therefore, more fragile and sensitive, in addition to containing less collagen and elastin fibers, it is poorly irrigated and has fewer sebaceous glands.
🛡️ SKIN CARE: Acts on the origin of aging, delaying its appearance and correcting its signs; improves texture, redensifies the skin and blurs lines of expression and wrinkles.
💯 EXCLUSIVE TECHNOLOGIES: Rich in growth factors that activate the skin’s stem cells, favoring the reduction of wrinkles and fine lines, Endocare Cellage is the choice.
💪 ANTIOXIDANT PROPERTIES: Reduce both dark circles and eye bags, filling the expression lines until they are completely blurred.
😎 SMOOTHER EYE CONTOUR: Helps to reduce bags and dark circles and to fill in superficial wrinkles.

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