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Learn about “Bro-Tox” or Botox treatment for men. Just like we do for women, Edelstein Cosmetic treats male patients to reduce the signs of aging with customized and subtle Botox injection treatments.
Men often want to reduce harsh frown lines or “number 11” lines between the eyes which can contribute to an angry or tired appearance. As well, men can soften upper forehead lines and crow’s feet, reducing a “weathered” appearance.
Dr. Andrea Herschorn finds that men bruise less easily, downtime is fast and treatments can be done very quickly- on a lunch break or before work. We have many male patients at Edelstein Cosmetic and we know that natural-looking, discrete results are important to keep you looking like yourself but refreshed and youthful.
Choosing an experienced injector is the key to ensuring optimal dosing and maintaining facial expression. You can expect to see your results within 1-2 weeks and on average, effects will last for 3-4 months. Book a consultation and let us plan your simple, quick Botox treatment.

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