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Botox is a safe treatment with many benefits. Dr. Andrea Herschorn talks myth vs. fact when it comes to Botox treatment. Many people are concerned about Botulism related to Botox.
The substance used for relaxing facial muscles and decreasing lines is actually, Clostridium Botulinum Type A, a substance purified in a lab and made safe for injection.
As a cosmetic product, Botox blocks nerve activity in the muscles in order to temporarily relax specific muscle over-activity. Available and used safely all around the world, Botox has been administered for medical purposes since 1990’s and is FDA and Health Canada approved.
Side effects from cosmetic Botox use are rare and can include localized bruising, pain and temporary swelling. Typically, these resolve within a few days. Rare adverse effects are discussed before your treatment.
At Edelstein Cosmetic, our expert injectors recommend that you work the treated muscles to help the medication move through the treated area.
As well, we advise you not to engage in excessive exercise or sweating for a few hours after treatment and avoid laying down. You should also not press directly on the treated area to help ensure that the product doesn’t spread and that it takes effect where it was placed.
The majority of people have little to no adverse effects from Botox treatment and love their results. Book a consultation at Edelstein Cosmetic and find out if Botox is right for you.

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