Botox and Dysport Plano Testimonials — Ronald M. Friedman, MD

An easy, non-surgical solution to facial wrinkling and sun damage is Botox. Plano, TX, plastic surgeon Dr. Ronald M. Friedman frequently uses this as well as a similar injectable, Dysport, at his nationally accredited plastic surgery center in Plano, Texas.

Because no two faces are alike, Dr. Friedman believes there should not be a cookie-cutter approach to performing facial injections. He creates an individualized technique for every patient based on their unique needs. In each testimonial, Dr. Friedman’s Botox and Dysport patients report a lifted, more natural look to the face as a result of the injections.

“Botox is probably the most popular injectable ever invented. It is used hundreds of thousands of times a year. It has an excellent track record with safety, and it works. It works extremely well,” says Dr. Friedman

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