BIO FAMILY Portable 3-Mins Rich Hydrogen Water Bottle Rechargable Ionized Water Generator Glass Bottle Anti Aging Antioxidant Water Maker,White

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Material: high borosilicate glass
Capacity: 400-500ml
Features and Features
Use of glass materials with a high content of borosilicate, protection of health and the environment, high temperature.
Smart chip based on the water quality sensor to detect the data, calculate the electrolysis time.
Colorful blue LED lights at any time to capture the electrolytic state.
Capacitive touch key, the operation is more convenient.Hydrogen Water–1-click with blue light on, wait 3 minutes and make a cup of Rich Hydrogen Water, Hydrogen concentration up to appr,1243ppb.
Disinfect Water & Self clean –2 quick click with Blue light twinkle, wait 30s, No Drinking, This water is rich of Ozone and chlorine, can be used for tableware cleanning.
Portable hydrogen water bottle, Ideal for traveling and outdoors,Create your antioxidant hydrogen water anywhere,Made of durable borosilicate glass, #304 high quality stainless steel and food graded plastic.
Easy-to-use one-button design; Handy Strap; Glass Bottle (BPA-Free) with Non-slip bottom, Electrolysis times: 3 minutes; Hydrogen concentration up to 1.2 PPM, Capacity: 450ml,the cup with beautiful gift boxes.
BPA-free. It is leak proof, Portable large capacity water bottle cup,Chic, compact design, which is very aesthetic.

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